WendzelNNTPd is an easy to configure Usenet server (NNTP daemon). WendzelNNTPd breaks down complicated things into an easy-to-use configuration file and tool. The server is portable (Linux/BSD/nix), supports IPv4 and IPv6, AUTHINFO authentication, contains support for Access Control Lists (ACL), Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and supports invisible newsgroups. It currently supports MySQL and SQLite backends.

This server is tailored for workgroups, where users trust each other and where no synchronization with other usenet servers is necessary. For this reason, not all advanced NNTP features are included (e.g. commands for server synchronization). The server is also not a suitable for confidential environments as it lacks TLS support and strong hardening.


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Why you want a Usenet server

Probably because you are into retro computing and already run a Gopher service! :) WendzelNNTPd is not tailored as a critical service, it is for nerds who like to play with the protocol and want to use it for fun! Also, feel invited to contribute your patches and extensions!

Read my blog posting on WendzelNNTPd.


The documentation can be found here.

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Powered by WendzelNNTPd